In Deeper Look, Ambassador Richard Armitage stated, “We haven’t seen a world so fragmented in 75 years. As we face challenges from a consortium of countries – China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, the U.S.-Japan alliance has never been more important.”

Over a span of 24 years, from the first to the sixth Armitage-Nye report, Mr. Armitage witnessed the maturation of the U.S.-Japan relationship, claiming that the bilateral ties are transitioning from a partnership to an “integrated alliance”. This alliance, well-equipped and ready, is capable of maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

Moreover, as a more confident Japan reasserts itself on the international stage, Mr. Armitage credits the country with an ideal leadership role both regionally and internationally. He stated, “Japan is ideally positioned to step in where the United States is currently distracted, acting as a safe harbor for democratic values and the appreciation of human rights.”

However, mindful of a potentially transactional President returning to the White House, Armitage clarified that “the United States’ presence in Japan is not charity. It is in the U.S.’s interests to maintain and strengthen the security cooperation.”

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