Armitage International believes that the world is a better place with the United States fully engaged across the board in defense of human rights and democratic freedoms. This basic philosophy drives our approach in the global marketplace, where we seek to promote economic engagement and opportunity.

Consistent with the reputation of its partners, Armitage International takes a practical, no-nonsense approach in support of its clients. The global marketplace is complex and demanding. Our goal is to use the valuable experience and contacts we have garnered through years of public service and private enterprise to facilitate our client’s success in such an environment.

Armitage International contributes to client decision making by offering keen insights into foreign and domestic markets. Our analysis and advice is tailored to the specific needs of each client. We have a proven track record of success with advocacy and trouble-shooting for our clients in markets outside the United States and have successfully counseled U.S. and foreign clients on how best to manage challenges and opportunities in the United States.

Experienced Executive Team

Extensive International Outreach

Mature Multinational Partnerships